Sino-German Motor System Energy Saving Technology Seminar

published on: 21.05.2015

Beijing, 19 May 2015

meeting of 'Sino-German Motor System Energy Saving Technology Seminar'

Mr. David Baumgart, Economic & Industry Counsellor of German Embassy

Ms. Chen Yuanchao, Project Manager from DKE

Ms. Wang Xu, Head of EuropElectro

Ms. Stefanie Gierl, Electric Drive Systems Expert from ZVEI

Mr. Yasar Yuece, Project Manager from Bauer Gear Motor Company

On 19 May 2015 the Sino-German Motor System Energy Saving Technology Seminar was held in Beijing. Over 150 participants attended the meeting.

The meeting was held for two reasons: 1) in order to promote the energy efficiency level of both motor systems and equipment, investigate energy saving potential through motor system optimisation and strengthen international cooperation in the motor system energy efficiency field and 2) to respond to the updated polices recently issued by the China government including the ‘Motor Energy Efficiency Enhancement Plan (2013 - 2015)’, the ‘Energy Efficiency Top Runner Programme’, ‘Deepen Standardisation Reform’, etc. This provided the attendees with an opportunity to get the latest information on related policies and the current status of these initiatives.

The meeting was jointly organised by EuropElectro and CNIS. To cover German interests were representatives and officials from ZVEI, DKE. Government officials from MIIT, NDRC, AQSIQ, SAC, and CECA represented the Chinese side, as well as participants from manufacturers including ABM, Bauer Gear Motor, Rockwell, Siemens, Synflex, and many other local companies.

     During the first part of the meeting Chinese government officials provided a comprehensive introduction to policy trends, the management systems and the status of applications regarding motors and their systems’ energy efficiency from different points of view. The major points are summarised below:

-      Energy efficiency of motors and motor systems in China has improved a lot over the last few years. Compared to developed countries, however, China is still somewhat backward.

-      The management scheme will be strengthened and optimised. The integrity of the labeling itself and the users of labeling need to be improved. Information transparency would be improved at the same time.

-      Since standards and labeling management are fundamental for energy efficiency enhancement and used as basic policy tools for market access, standards development and labeling management will be strengthened by the government. Its ‘New One Hundred Energy Efficiency Standards Project’ will be completed in two years. ‘Administration Regulation on Energy Efficiency Labeling’ will also be reviewed.

-      The ‘Top Runner Programme’, which was launched in the beginning of 2015 by the China government, will be adopted as part of the mandatory standards system for energy efficiency.

-      International cooperation should be strengthened.

During the second part of the meeting, 14 speakers gave presentations covering a   variety of topics including:


-      Energy Saving Policies Trends in China

-      Energy Saving Standards and Motor System Energy Efficiency Enhancement

-      Energy Saving Technology Development for Motor Systems

-      Credit and Loans for Industry Energy Efficiency Projects

-      Applications related to Frequency Converters and Permanent Magnet Motor Systems


Very notable were three guest who made special trips from Germany to give opening address and presentations respectively:

-  Ms. Chen Yuanchao from DKE, opening address

-      Mr. Yasar Yuece from Bauer Gear Motor (EuropElectro Member Company), on ‘Energy Saving in Practice – Making Right Choices for Increased Efficiency’

-      Ms. Gierl Stefanie from ZVEI, on ‘Energy Efficiency in Electric Drive Systems’






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