Sino-German Electrical and Electronics Industry Association ZVEI-CEEIA Communication Meeting Held in Beijing

published on: 23.05.2014

Beijing, 22 May 2014

Left: Mr. Friedhelm Loh (president of ZVEI) Right: Mr. Yang Qiming (president of CEEIA) ©Rittal

Group photo of the meeting participants ©Rittal

On 22 May 2014, the Sino-German Electrical and Electronics Industry Association ZVEI-CEEIA Communication Meeting (which was jointly organised by EuropElectro, on behalf of ZVEI and Orgalime, and CEEIA) was held in Beijing. The top leadership from ZVEI, EuropElectro and CEEIA discussed ‘Industry 4.0’ and the influence of China’s intelligent production on the direction of future industrial development in order to fully promote the update of industrial cooperation between our two countries in this field. 


Shortly before, Chinese President Xi Jinping had a state visit to Germany which deep-seatedly promoted a deeper and broader development of Sino-German strategic partnership. In addition, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang also invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel to have a visit to China this year. In such context, as one of Germany’s most influential industry associations, ZVEI’s visit to China for communication with CEEIA is a manifestation of an active and wide non-governmental exchange space between the two countries, which will further boost in-depth cooperation and interaction between the two countries in the field of electrical and electronic industry.


The President of ZVEI and Vice President of BDI, Mr. Friedhelm Loh, elaborated on the concept of ‘Industry 4.0’ having an industrial revolutionary significance that is vigorously advocated by the German government and German companies.  He said, ‘Industry 4.0’ with the theme of intelligent plant and smart production, is designed to support the R&D and innovation of a new generation of key technology in the field of industrial technology. The implementation of ‘Industry 4.0’ indicates more possibilities, which can improve resource efficiency, adjust talent structure, create flexible forms of work organisation, explore new ways to create value and develop a new business model, especially for bringing more opportunities for the development of new companies and small investors.


According to Mr. Yang Qi Ming, President of CEEIA, the integration of IT applications with industrialisation and intelligent manufacturing proposed and developed in China has a common goal with ‘Industry 4.0’. Moreover, Germany’s mature production technology can provide assistance in the development of the Chinese intelligent industry. There was an in-depth discussion on the significance and impact of standardisation on future industrial development. Distinguished guests attending the meeting and participating in the discussion included Ms. Wang Xu, Head of EuropElectro and Mr. Karl Christoph Caselitz, President of Rittal.


In 2007, ZVEI and CEEIA first communicated and participated in exchanges and signed a strategic memorandum of cooperation to enable close business information contact. All parties at the meeting recognised the great potential of cooperation and agreed to increase the frequency of exchanges and cooperate further to develop new ideas and new technologies in the industrial sector. This will contribute to promoting the in-depth upgrading of industrial cooperation and development between our two countries.

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