IEC TC64 Standards and Technology Forum

published on: 19.05.2011

Beijing, 13 May 2011


On 13 May 2011, IEC TC64 Standards and Technology Forum was successfully held in the Beijing Nikko New Century Hotel. Management and electrical engineers from related large institutes and companies participated in this forum. They included people from the design, engineering project supervision industry, building industry and power industries. We were pleased that about 300 participants, especially some famous Chinese experts on electrical installation in buildings attended. The forum was a great success!

The 64th Technical Committee of the International Electrical Committee (IEC TC64) - Electrical Installations and Protection Against Electric Shock – held their plenary meeting in Beijing on the 10th to 12th of May. This is the first time that the plenary meeting has taken place in China.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of having international experts participating in IEC TC64 plenary meeting in Beijing, EuropElectro ( European Electrical and Electronics Industry) initiated and organized jointly with SAC/TC205 (National Standardization Technical Committee for Electrical Installations in Building) and ICA (International Copper Association), the IEC TC64 Standards and Technology Forum. We are very appreciative of the participation of the Chairman of IEC TC64, Mr. Etinne Tison, and the Secretary, Mr. Reinhard Pelta, as well as the conveners/experts of IEC TC64 MTs from Germany, France, England and the Netherlands to deliver technical speeches. Expanding on the proposals from the SAC/TC 205 expert group, the speakers made systematic explanations and clarifications on the IEC 60364 series standards and answered the Chinese experts’ questions on their interpretation and application. 

The aim of the forum was to promote the application of the IEC 60364 series standards in Chinese engineering design specifications and to offer a  communication opportunity between Chinese and international experts.

The five member companies of EuropElectro Low-voltage initiative – ABB, Hager, Legrand, Schneider and Siemens – contributed significantly to the success of the forum.

Keynote speeches were delivered by the chairman of IEC TC64, Mr. Etinne Tison, the chairman of SAC/TC205, Mr. Huang Baosheng, the head of EuropElectro, Mrs. Wang Xu, and management from the five member companies.
Mr. Etinne Tison is looking forward to questions or problems during application process of IEC 60364 from Chinese experts and assured members that IEC 60364 will provide them with concrete answers.


Mr. Huang Baosheng stated that, in China, IEC TC64 standards have been applied to a wide area and that the China IEC TC64 committee has already adopted more than thirty identical IEC TC64 standards into GB standards.  These have been officially published by SAC. These standards play a very important role in improving the safety of low-voltage electricity but currently the most important is in how to correctly interpret and implement them.
Mrs. Wang Xu told participants that: “As the initiator of this forum, we would like to build a platform for communication between Chinese and IEC standards, and we are very proud to contribute to the development in the building electrical installation area.”



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