EuropElectroCCC20190709[SAMR Notice No.34 2019]

published on: 10.07.2019

Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment, Domestic Gas Appliances and Big Household Refrigerator transferred from Production Licenses to CCC since 1 Oct 2019

On 9 July, SMAR/CNCA announced that three new product categories will be involved in CCC scope since 1st Oct, 2019 by [SMAR Notice No.34 2019]. The three new product categories cover 17 kinds explosion-proof electrical equipment; 2 kinds domestic gas appliances and 1 announced volume of more than 500L household refrigerator.  These products are transferred from the regulation of 'Production License' to scope of CCC regulation.

It requires that since 1st Oct 2020 without CCC, these 20 kinds products are not allowed to leave factory, sale, import and use in other business operations in China market. 


Details of the official notice please refer to the link:


Enclosed please find the 3 attachments of the notice in Chinese,

1.20190709 SMAR Notice No.34 2019]由生产许可转为强制性认证产品范围 Products Scope Transferred from Production Licences to CCC

2.CNCA-C23-012019 强制性产品认证实施规则 防爆电气 Implementation Rules For Compulsory Certification Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment

3.CNCA-C24-012019强制性产品认证实施规则 家用燃气器具Implementation Rules For Compulsory Certification Domestic Gas Appliances



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