EuropElectro Facilitates CNCA and MIIT RoHS Delegation to Visit Orgalime and the European Commission on 15 - 16 November

published on: 20.11.2012

Beijing, 20 November 2012

Mr. Adrian Harris – Orgalime (1st left), Mr. Huang Jianzhong – MIIT (2nd left), Mrs. Wang Xu - EuropElectro (3rd left), Mr. Shen Jun - CNCA (4th right), Mr. Hao Xin - CNCA (1st left of row 2)

Facilitated and accompanied by EuropElectro, the CNCA and MIIT RoHS delegation visited ORGALIME on 15 November and EC DG Enterprise and Industry on 16 November 2012 in Brussels.
The joint delegation was led by Mr. Huang Jianzhong, the Director of the MIIT Energy Conversation and Resource Utilization Department and Mr. Shen Jun, the Deputy Director General of the CNCA Testing and Inspection Department and included Mr. Hao Xin, the Officer of CNCA Certification Department as well as eleven other experts.

In order to make China RoHS more compliant with EU RoHS 2, especially on the conformity assessment point of view, the delegation suggested that the targets of the delegation should be to understand the following topics in the European industry and European Commission:

  • EU RoHS 2 status
  • EU RoHS 2 status of conformity model for compliance, supporting technical standards 
  • EU industry positions on EU RoHS 2 and implementation

On 15 November, Mr. Adrian Harris, the General Secretary of ORGALIME and Ms. Sigrid Linher, the head of the ORGALIME Environment Department received the delegation. They exchanged the latest information on RoHS development in China and the EU. Mr. Huang Jianzhong from MIIT explained the developments in the revision of “China RoHS Regulation”. Mr. Hao Xin from CNCA outlined the current developments in the  China RoHS voluntary certification work.
Ms. Sigrid Linher introduced the new contents of produce scope, exemption, exclusion and conformity assessment model - CE model A adopted in the “EU RoHS 2 Directive” as well as our European industry’s positions. Mr. Harris handed in two ORGALIME position papers on RoHS 2 and recommended the ORGALIME Guide of RoHS 2 to the delegation.

On 16 November 2012, EuropElectro and the delegation visited the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry. Mr. Fabrizio Sacchetti, who is responsible for the EU-China regulatory dialogue WG conformity assessment from the European Commission, received the delegation.

Both sides clarified their own understandings of EU RoHS 2and China RoHS.  The China delegation introduced  new items in China RoHS development and the voluntary certification of China RoHS.  They explained their wish to make China RoHS more compliant with EU RoHS 2, especially from a conformity assessment point of view. 

Mr. Sacchetti stated that EU RoHS 2 compliance is to use the CE model A under the NLF.  He thinks it is business-friendly and can facilitate trade, because the CE model A is a manufacturer self-declaration model.  Model A allows manufacturers to select the method on how to comply, e.g. they can select test bodies themselves and the commission will not designate the test bodies.  On behalf of the European Commission, Mr. Sacchetti expressed his appreciation that the China regulators involve European industry representatives, such as EuropElectro, in their legislation process. As a regulator, he is open to  discussion for further cooperation in the conformity assessment area.
In addition, Mr. Sacchetti explained that the CE mark covers all the directives under NLF. Once products are labelled with the CE mark, it means that the product has complied with all relevant directives.


Through these initiatives, EuropElectro has been able to build a more efficient platform for our Electro industry to communicate with the Chinese government/authorities on the topic of RoHS. 



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