EuropElectro Deliver Speeches on 2011 MIIT China RoHS Working Group Meeting in Xi'an

published on: 26.05.2011

Xi'an, 10 - 11 May 2011

The 2011 China RoHS working group meeting was held in Xi’an on 10 - 11 May, 2011. Including the regulators and management team of China RoHS, as well as professionals from local industries and various organizations, more than 100 participants attended the meeting. Invited by MIIT, the meeting organizer, EuropElectro, sent three experts from EU-RoHS (Mr. Juergen Husemann from Phoenix - Contact, Mr. Haimo Huhle from ZVEI, Ms. Silke Sichter from ZVEI) to the meeting. They jointly gave a half day speech on the morning of 11 May 2011.

Ms. Sichter and Mr. Huhle introduced the latest development of EU RoHS, the new legislative framework and, especially, model A of conformity assessment. Mr. Husemann then shared, from an industry point of view, the understanding on the comparison between EU-RoHS and China-RoHS, the industry position and practical experience in China-RoHS with the participants.

Because of such informative speeches and active participants, the event was very fruitful. Not only were some questions from participants answered and immediate clarifications provided by the experts, several first-hand implementation experiences, constructive suggestions and concerns were also brought forward by participants. Both the experts from Europe and the participants from local industries and organizations expressed opinions that the information shared in the meeting was valuable and helpful for further development of China-RoHS and EU-RoHS.



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