EuropElectro and ZVEI Invited and Arranged for an SAC and CEC Delegation to Visit the Hannover Fair and Our Member Companies

published on: 16.05.2012

Beijing, 16 May 2012

CEC delegation at ZVEI booth in Hannover fair

Haimo Huhle (ZVEI) and Wang Yonggan (Secetary General of CEC) in Hannover fair

CEC delegation visited PSI AG booth in Hannover fair

CEC delegation visited ABB booth in Hannover fair

CEC delegation visited E-Energy booth in Hannover fair

Ms. Daihong (Director of SAC industry standard department 2) and Mr. Wang Yonggan (Sectary-General of CEC) visited Harting booth in Hannover fair

CEC delegation and SAC delegation visited Phoenix-Contact company in Blomberg, Germany

The Hannover Fair took place on 23-27 April in Hannover, Germany. China, as the partner country of this year’s fair focused primarily on its economic capabilities and its new industrial policies. The Chinese companies, organizations and research institutions at the fair profiled products and research findings from the fields of sustainable energy production, intelligent energy grids and green technology.
At the invitation of EuropElectro, CEC delivered a speech at the SINO-German Energy Summit which was hosted by ZVEI. After the summit, EuropElectro and ZVEI organized a visit for the CEC delegation to PSI AG (the control system provider for the German new energy grid), the German smart grid program - E-Energy. The CEC delegation was highly interested in the technology of a decentralized energy supply and CHP-Combined Heat and Power Generation. During the fair, the CEC delegation also visited EuropElectro member companies, ABB, Phoenix-Contact and Harting.
At the invitation of DIN, on 24 April, the SAC (the responsible department for China E-vehicle charging interface standards) went to Hannover to give a speech at the German-Chinese Conference on Electric Mobility. Per the SAC delegation’s request, EuropElectro organized a visit to two of our member companies, – Phoenix-Contact and Harting, after the forum. The SAC delegation was looking for a detailed understanding on German E-vehicle charging interface technology development. Phoenix-Contact and Harting made key-point introductions to the delegation and SAC was able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the COMBO charge technology in the Phoenix-Contact and Harting factories.
Through this arrangement, EuropElectro was able to build a platform for our members to communicate with the Chinese government/authorities. This will also facilitate an understanding of our industry and business by the Chinese government/authorities. EuropEelctro believes this can only foster a win-win situation which will be good for us all.



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